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Integrating marketing and technical content in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

With the AEM XML Add-On, Adobe has increased the complexity of AEM projects. In addition to marketing expertise, you now also need structured XML and techcomm skillsets. Let Scriptorium provide the XML support your AEM experts need to integrate marketing and technical content.

Marcom and techcomm can work together in AEM

The Age of accountability: Unifying marketing and technical content with Adobe Experience Manager
Align marketing and techical content in a single repository with the AEM XML Documentation Solution.

Enterprise content strategy: Putting the pieces together (podcast)
Discover how an enterprise-level content strategy can grow from departmental efforts.

Why technical communication must be part of your marketing strategy (webcast)
Connect your marketing and technical content so your buyers have access to consistent, useful information.

Enterprise content strategy maturity model
Adapt your content strategy so marcom and techcomm departments work together.

Connecting the XML and web CMS mindsets
Learn about integrating marketing and technical content.

AEM workflow

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