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Case studies

Our case studies showcase some of our projects. We only publish with our customers’ permission. That said, we do provide references upon request (and with permission from our clients). Here are some case studies that highlight how we help our clients.

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White papers

Researching content strategy issues? Read these white papers. All white papers are available in both HTML and PDF formats.

If a white paper was commissioned, the customer name is in both versions.

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The Content Strategy Experts podcast

Scriptorium experts and special guests discuss content strategy issues. Podcasts average 15–20 minutes. Just enough for a lunchtime stroll, a short commute, or that delightful wait at the doctor’s office.

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XML business case calculator

If you’re considering a transition from desktop publishing to structured (XML) content, use this calculator to assess your business case. If your results are compelling, contact us to discuss the next steps for your content strategy

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We have had the opportunity to share our insights with other companies over the last twenty years. Here are a few of our contributions on other websites.

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Interested in DITA? Our LearningDITA site provides free DITA training that you can work through on your own schedule. Lessons include exercises, links to additional resources and videos, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

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