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About us

Scriptorium structures your content operations to remove friction and waste.

You invest significant resources in creating content. Waste in your content lifecycle increases costs and blocks growth. An efficient content lifecycle positions you to achieve scalability, localization, and more. 

Since 1997, the Scriptorium team has provided expert services to transform content operations for global companies. We solve complex content challenges, such as content silos, localization challenges, and establishing a single source of truth for each content component.

Our work across industries gives us a broad perspective, which inspires creative solutions, reduces risk, and ensures your success. We have ongoing relationships with many of our clients, and the longevity of our team of experts ensures project continuity. 

Scriptorium is led by principals Sarah O’Keefe (CEO), Alan Pringle (COO), and Bill Swallow (Director of Operations), each of whom has decades of industry experience. 

Our development team has unparalleled expertise with structured content — DITA XML, the DITA Open Toolkit, and component content management systems (AEM Guides, Heretto, IXIASOFT, RWS Tridion Docs, and others).


Meet our team

Headshots taken by Amy Stern Photography.