The true cost of quick fixes (podcast, part 1)

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In episode 78 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Gretyl Kinsey and Bill Swallow talk about the true cost of quick fixes in your content strategy.

“Even if a quick fix might save you some time or a little bit of upfront cost or upfront effort on planning, it’s almost always going to add costs in the long run.”

—Gretyl Kinsey

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DITA migration strategies

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Migrating to DITA means more than just adding element tags. There are a few common holes in migration strategies that can prevent you from reaping all of the benefits of the converted DITA content. To avoid that mistake, make sure you have a plan in place for:

  • Identifying and migrating reused content
  • Managing links
  • Processing images

These should be important factors when migrating your content to DITA, and they will require new workflows and changes in the way you handle the relationships in your content.

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Surviving and thriving with AEM and DITA (webcast)

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Scriptorium owl logo

Sarah O’Keefe discusses general best practices for CCMS implementations, along with a specific focus on the AEM DITA CCMS.

“You then configure AEM XML to support your content model with specialization, constraints, and authoring experience. You can build authoring templates that give people a framework to work in and you can also customize the actual user experience.”

—Sarah O’Keefe

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Content reuse: different industries, same problems (podcast)

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In episode 77 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Alan Pringle talks with Chris Hill of DCL about content reuse and what it looks like across different industries.

“You really have to start seeing content creation as a collaboration and build trust between the people who create content.”

—Chris Hill

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Improving DITA workflow

Sarah O'Keefe / DITALeave a Comment

An organization’s first foray in DITA and structured content is most often driven by one of the following:

  • Merger or acquisition: After a merger, the organization needs to refactor content workflows and so they decide to move into structured content and DITA.
  • Localization: The organization is growing and needs to ramp up content production in many languages.
  • Smart content: The organization recognizes content as a key business asset and wants to wring maximum value out of the content lifecycle.

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Managing multiple languages in the authoring process

Bill Swallow / Content strategy, LocalizationLeave a Comment

weaving loom

Employees are (and should be) hired for their knowledge and skill, not necessarily their multilingual skills. In a global organization with many offices worldwide, the result is a diverse team with content developers and contributors that speak many different languages. Collaborating on content development—especially on the same document—can be difficult if employees do not speak the same language fluently (or at all).

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Moving to structured content: Expectations vs. reality (podcast)

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In episode 76 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Elizabeth Patterson and Alan Pringle talk about expectations versus realities of tools when moving to smart structured content.

“You can have different people using different tools and still pour all of the content into the single content management system. People connect to it differently based on the authoring tool that they prefer, and what works best for them.”

—Alan Pringle

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