Joining the team

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Happy new year! With Scriptorium recognized worldwide as experts in content strategy (and full of unabashed foodies),  I am excited to be joining the team full time this month. I’m looking forward to using my work experience and education to help clients solve their content strategy problems. I’ve already made my mark by unadvisedly drinking the Sugar Plum Fairy cocktail at the holiday party. I was warned.

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Content accounting: Measuring content value (podcast, part 2)

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In episode 67 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Kaitlyn Heath and Sarah O’Keefe continue their discussion on measuring content value based on accounting principles.

“Language evolves. Your content actually needs maintenance, just like your house.”

—Sarah O’Keefe

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The need for a localization strategy (podcast)

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In episode 65 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Elizabeth Patterson and Bill Swallow talk about the need for a localization strategy.

“There may be things you’re writing in your source content that you don’t want literally translated. In many cases, there are stark cultural differences between one location and another. Writing something at all may be inappropriate for another audience.”

—Bill Swallow

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Small scope content strategies (podcast)

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In episode 64 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Gretyl Kinsey and Alan Pringle talk about content strategies that have a limited or smaller scope.

“When you are limited it may slow you down, but at least you’re moving forward. It’s baby steps. It’s increments. It’s important to realize, yes it’s limiting, but you can take that and make it an advantage.”

—Alan Pringle

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Content accounting: Calculating value of content in the enterprise

Sarah O'Keefe / White papers1 Comment

This white paper is also available in PDF format.

The challenge of content value

Content value is a hot topic in marketing and technical communication. In the publishing industry, the connection between content and value is clear. A publisher sells a book (or film or other piece of content) and gets book sales, ticket revenue, or streaming subscriptions in return. But what if your content is a part of the product (like user documentation) or used to sell the product (like a marketing white paper)? In these cases, measuring content value is much more challenging.

It is tempting to fall back on measuring cost instead of value. The cost of content development can be a trap, though. Eliminating wasted effort and optimizing content workflows is sensible, but too much focus on cost leads us toward content as a commodity.

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Subject matter experts as authors and reviewers (podcast)

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In episode 63 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Sarah O’Keefe and Chip Gettinger of SDL chat about subject matter experts and their role as authors and as reviewers of content.

“One of the most important things about working with SMEs is to meet them where they are. It’s important to understand where they’re coming from and their perspective. Understand what issues matter to them.”

—Chip Gettinger

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