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Headshot of Christine Cuellar, white woman with short brown hair and clear glasses.

Christine Cuellar, Marketing Coordinator, drives business growth through strategy and content marketing operations

Headshot of Christine Cuellar, white woman with short brown hair and clear glasses.

Christine is an experienced marketing strategist, content marketer, and process-builder. Driven by a passion for connecting people, she specializes in pulling out the unique qualities a company has to offer and introducing them to the people who need them most. As the Marketing Coordinator for Scriptorium, her work includes: 

  1. Identifying people searching for the solutions we provide
  2. Creating frictionless pathways for us to connect
  3. Communicating the value we bring to your business
  4. Showcasing the incredible talent of our team of experts

In addition to her primary job functions, Christine has a knack for optimizing processes. In each role she’s held, she’s demonstrated how streamlined processes support your team more than any other business investment. Beginning as a copywriter and moving into content marketing management and marketing strategy, she’s developed project management processes that create efficiency and reduce friction. Though she’s new to the world of customer-facing content (outside of marketing), the shared purpose behind content strategy and content operations makes her role with Scriptorium a natural fit. 

As a marketer, Christine’s measure of success is how effectively we communicate and connect with companies who need content strategy and operations. As a process-builder, Christine’s measure of success is how well we listen to the needs of our team and clients, how effectively we reduce friction, and how quickly we view obstacles as growth opportunities. 

Outside of her work at Scriptorium, you’ll find Christine enjoying coffee, kayaking, hiking, coffee, stand up comedy, almost any genre of movie, and coffee. You may not know that Christine holds a black belt in Karate and KickBoxing. (In case anyone touches her coffee.)

Christine graduated with a BA in finance and a minor in banking from New Mexico State University. She holds GDPR and CPPA training certifications from LinkedIn. Currently, she lives in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. 

Read the content Christine has authored on the Scriptorium site.

Reach out to Christine Cuellar through our contact form.