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Jake Campbell

Jake Campbell, Technical Consultant, blends technology and design to solve complex problems

Jake Campbell

Jake is an experienced technical consultant who blends technology and design to deliver multichannel publishing solutions for your content. Driven by both a process and solution-oriented approach, and a love for solving puzzles, he’s at home in the technical publishing world. Drawing from his background in e-learning development and software QA testing, Jake is adept at working with people across different disciplines to understand their needs. He then develops workflows that support those needs and your business goals.

At Scriptorium, Jake works with you to identify design goals for your content. He determines how to use DITA structures and metadata to automate content delivery in multiple languages. Jake also: 

  • Harnesses the focus of a project by looking at the next straightforward target
  • Identifies potential expansion points by asking questions such as, “What could be better?” “What needs to change so that we can work more efficiently?” 
  • Determines how we at Scriptorium can work more smoothly, and keep you apprised of your project status in a fluid way

Jake’s measure of success is met when we can effectively answer these questions: 

  • Did we resolve what you needed us to?
  • Can you work with what we gave you?
  • Do you have the documentation, procedures, basic troubleshooting steps, etc., that you need to move forward? 

Outside of his work at Scriptorium, you can find Jake enjoying Korean food, beer, whiskey, playing board and video games, and designing games. 

Jake holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Classical Studies, specializing in Latin language and literature from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He lives in Durham, North Carolina, in the United States.

Check out events that Jake has participated in on our Media page, and read the content Jake’s authored on the Scriptorium site.

Reach out to Jake through our contact form.