We have had the opportunity to share our insights with other companies over the last twenty years. Here are a few of our contributions on other websites.

July 2020 Business Value of Tech Documentation, The Knowledgebase Ninjas podcast featuring Sarah O’Keefe

August 2019 Adapt or die: The challenge of digital transformation preview, The LavaCon Conference podcast featuring Sarah O’Keefe

October 2018 Minimum Viable Infrastructure for Enterprise Content, Sarah O’Keefe, recorded at The LavaCon Conference in 2018

July 2018 Interview with Jake Campbell, Jake Campbell tells Joe Welinske of WritersUA East about structured authoring and life at Scriptorium

September 2017 Mindtouch 2017 TOP25 Content Experience Influencers and TOP200 Strategists, Sarah O’Keefe (competition judge), Bill Swallow and Alan Pringle (Top 25), and Gretyl Kinsey (Top 200) appear on the list

July 2017 Future-Proofing Your Content, Sarah O’Keefe, webinar hosted by DCL (registration required to access the recording)

June 2017 The Age of Accountability, Sarah O’Keefe is interviewed by Adobe’s Stefan Gentz (registration required to access the recording)

May 2017 Why is Intelligent Information Important, Sarah O’Keefe, guest post on tekom How to Create and Deliver Intelligent Information blog

January 2017 Exploring your Options: DITA and FrameMaker 2015, Sarah O’Keefe, recorded at Adobe DITAWorld in November 2016, 50 minutes

December 2016 (republished from 2015) October 2016 A Content Strategy Conversation — Sarah O’Keefe, Vinish Garg interviews Sarah O’Keefe for ContentHug (now moved to Medium)

October 2016 Localization Tips from a Global Content Strategist, Lionbridge CTO blog, Q&A with Bill Swallow

October 2016 Top 25 Content Strategist Influencers for 2016 from MindTouch, Sarah O’Keefe named as an “unparalleled” content strategy influencer. Bill Swallow (top 25) and Alan Pringle (top 200) also made the list.

September 2016 Local needs of content, Content Content podcast featuring Bill Swallow

March 2016 Fairly random events, Content Content podcast featuring Sarah O’Keefe

December 2015 Balancing standardization against the need for creativity, tcworld magazine, Alan Pringle

August 2015 The Content Strategy of Things, Content Wrangler webcast with Bill Swallow

July 2015 Content Strategy and the Customer Journey, Content Wrangler webcast with Sarah O’Keefe

November 2014 The role of technical communication in customer experience, tcworld magazine, Sarah O’Keefe

February 2014 The many facets of content strategy, Tom Johnson interviews Sarah O’Keefe (video)

October 2013 LavaCon Keynote: Content Strategy for an Impatient World, Sarah O’Keefe, video

October 2012 Transforming technical content into a business asset, tcworld magazine, Sarah O’Keefe and Alan Pringle

August 2011 The economics of information, tcworld magazine, Sarah O’Keefe

February 2010 Intercom Q&A with Sarah O’Keefe

December 2009 Technical Writing 101 (third edition) by Alan Pringle and Sarah O’Keefe wins STC Carolina Award of Excellence

September 2008 Ann-Marie Grissino and Sarah O’Keefe named Associate Fellows, STC Carolina Communique