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Calculate your ROI for content operations

Much like an iceberg, the true scope of your content operations lies below the surface. Communicate the full value that content brings to your organization to build a compelling business case.

Content (and subsequently content operations) adds value to these five business needs:

  1. Compliance
  2. Cost avoidance
  3. Revenue growth
  4. Competitive advantage
  5. Branding

This ROI calculator estimates the cost avoidance factor, but that’s only part of your business case. Communicate the full value of content operations by addressing all five business needs.

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Content ops ROI calculator

"*" indicates required fields

Do not include information that you copy and paste. Only include information where a single copy is used in multiple locations. If you have no reuse, type 0.

Count full-time and part-time contributors. For example, 7 full-time and 2 part-time (25%) contributors results in 7.5.

50 weeks at 40 hours per week is 2000 hours.

This is the total loaded cost for your content creator. The default, $65, is roughly equivalent to a salary of $90,000 annually, plus benefits.

Localization is the process of adapting content for a specific market. Translation is part of localization. If your company does not localize content, type 0.

Most localization vendors charge by the word. This fee includes translation and formatting.

A typical percentage in an unstructured workflow is 50. Our default is a more conservative 25%.

Specify the percentage of reuse you anticipate in a new workflow. We recommend conservative estimates for business cases—it's generally better to underestimate a bit, especially if you're presenting information to management.
Please enter a number less than or equal to 100.

This calculation assumes that your formatting time drops to zero after you set up automated formatting.

Your total estimated cost savings from reuse, automated formatting, and localization.

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