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Headshot of Simon Bates: White man with short blond hair and beard, dark glasses, and blue shirt

Simon Bate, Lead Technical Consultant, builds solutions where technology does the hard work for you

Headshot of Simon Bates: White man with short blond hair and beard, dark glasses, and blue shirt

Simon’s passion for identifying process-optimizing technical tools can be traced back to his early work in technical publications before graduating from college. While writing, he developed tools to make his job easier or eliminate repetitive or boring tasks. This drive for innovation, instinct for optimization, technical skill — not to mention a love of puzzles — all make him a natural fit for building the content solutions he makes today.

At Scriptorium, Simon develops tools to manage and convert content from one format to another. He also finds or creates tools to automate documentation builds and other procedures. In his role, he: 

  • Designs and creates DITA-OT specializations and plugins
  • Programs in XSLT, Apache Ant, JavaScript, Schematron, Python, Perl, ExtendScript, and many other languages
  • Works with and advises clients on many markup and formatting schemes, such as HTML, CSS, XSL-FO, SVG, Markdown, RST, JSON
  • Converts learning content to LMS formats, including SCORM
  • Works with a variety of Component Content Management Systems (CCMS), including Heretto, RWS, IXIASOFT, and Adobe AEM
  • Provide training in DITA, DITA OT, Oxygen, XMetaL, XSLT, XSL-FO, and many other technologies

Simon’s goal is to keep learning new tools and approaches to solutions. He’s constantly refining his development methods for robust and high quality solutions. He’s proud to be a technical resource for others, both in solving problems and sharing his knowledge. Simon considers a project a success if the solution works effectively, it’s maintainable, and if you and your content stakeholders are happy with the result. 

Outside of Scriptorium, Simon enjoys bird-watching, photography, eating chocolate and cheese (like many of his Scriptorum associates), and he has a Certificate in Leadership for Parish Musicians from the Episcopal Church, USA.

Simon holds a BA in Geology from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Certificate for Managing the Development of Technical Information from the University of California, Santa Cruz extension. 

He lives with his wife, son, and two cats in Apex, North Carolina, in the United States.

Hear Simon’s perspective on the Content Strategy Experts podcast, watch his talk Generating Slides From DITA Content hosted by the Content Wrangler, and read the content Simon’s authored on the Scriptorium site.

Reach out to Simon through our contact form.