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Content strategy

Content strategy is the framework for your content lifecycle. To build this critical foundation, Scriptorium develops enterprise content strategy plans that:

  • Identify business requirements, risks, and opportunities for your content
  • Establish enterprise standards for content, taxonomy, and information architecture
  • Align content priorities with organizational goals
  • Provide concrete recommendations for people, processes, and technologies to help your organization discover the vision

Most of our enterprise content strategy work is built on structured content and specifically the DITA XML standard. We design for global requirements and omnichannel publishing. By relying on open standards, we ensure future flexibility and mitigate technology risks.

As organizations grow and increase their global footprint, content strategy is the key to scalability.

Our content strategy work follows core business principles:

  • Current state analysis: Conduct a content audit, review your content lifecycle, and interview stakeholders to identify pain points.
  • Gap analysis: Identify where your current processes fall short.
  • Needs analysis: Describe how to close the gaps and develop a set of high-level requirements and constraints.
  • Solution: Build a solution that fits the identified requirements and constraints.

Learn more about Scriptorium’s approach to content strategy.