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Secrets of DITA success

Is DITA right for you? Will it help you succeed with your content strategy? Here, Scriptorium distills our hard-won knowledge for you.

Read on for a strategic perspective on your content, to understand how DITA can help you, and for details about a DITA-based workflow.

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Content strategy for technical communication

Content strategy uses information to advance business goals. How do you create a content strategy for technical and product content? Find out more about tech comm content strategy.

DITA content strategy

If your technical content is in DITA, what does that mean for your content strategy? Read about DITA content strategy.

The DITA business case: Maximizing content value

What are the business justifications for investing in DITA? Discover how DITA can help you.

Buyer’s guide to CCMS evaluation

“What CCMS should we buy?” It’s a common question with no easy answer. This article provides a roadmap for evaluating and selecting a component content management system. Explore our buyer’s guide.

Structured authoring and XML

How does structured content change content creation? Do you need the enforcement that structured authoring provides? What about hierarchy and metadata? Read our white paper on structured authoring.

Rebranding as a business case for XML

It’s a common scenario: The organization you work for gets acquired and has a new branding campaign. How can XML make rebranding easier? Learn about rebranding.

Managing DITA projects

A DITA project is about more than tools. To ensure project success, you need to address change resistance and include all affected groups in your planning. Get details on DITA projects.