Your content should support your business goals. But without a strategic approach, product content may be a liability rather than an asset. The most common problems our customers face include:

  • The content creation process wastes time and money.
  • Global content requirements (multiple languages and country-specific variations) are unsustainable in the current system, requiring a new approach to content.
  • Content needs to exist in many formats (HTML, EPUB, PDF, mobile, and other media), but there’s no efficient way to deliver, so you have fragmentation and errors.
  • The customer experience is unacceptable. Customers suffer through contradictory information on different parts of the website.

With our comprehensive approach, we attack these problems from all directions. The results are reduced costs, shortened development cycles, and higher quality information.


Content strategy

Maximizing your organization’s content begins with a thorough assessment to set everything straight. During this process, we identify where workflows need improvement, where the opportunities exist, and establish specific goals to ensure that our solution is successful.


Localization strategy

Translating content is expensive. But cutting corners on translation to lower costs is detrimental in the long run. To get the best return on your translation budget and expedite time to market, you need a localization strategy.

With a localization strategy in place, you target all of your global audiences right from the start, and reduce the risk of unknowns at the end of the project. We can help you:

  • Internationalize your content and product infrastructure for easier translation
  • Identify the best translation methods and workflows for your specific needs
  • Establish workflows and governance over your entire localization cycle

Implementation and training

After completing the content strategy work, we build out the initial assessment into a comprehensive content lifecycle, including content modeling and information architecture.

We also evaluate technology, construct business cases, calculate ROIs, and provide RFP support.

Other considerations include:

  • DITA and XML strategies
  • Localization (multilingual distribution)
  • Workflow improvements
  • Multichannel publishing (HTML, mobile, PDF, EPUB, InDesign, JSON, and others)
  • Content reuse

We do not resell content management systems, authoring tools, or other software, and we do not accept referral fees from software vendors. Our recommendations are unbiased and specifically targeted to solve your problems and reach your goals.

Through implementation and training, we configure content management workflows, set up automated builds, and establish localization workflows. We also provide you and your team with the training necessary to efficiently manage the content lifecycle, and even help you manage organizational change. Our goal is to eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks while providing contributors with a simple and elegant solution that lets them create the content you need.

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to help you keep your strategy implementation up and running smoothly. Whether you need to update existing source content infrastructure, create new output formats, or just need ongoing support for questions or issues that may arise, you can count on us.


Additional content services

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