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Headshot of Gretyl Kinsey: White woman with shorter brown hair, purple shirt with black vest.

Gretyl Kinsey, Technical Consultant, creates future-proof content strategies that maximize the value of your content

Headshot of Gretyl Kinsey: White woman with shorter brown hair, purple shirt with black vest.

From her early days as an intern to her years of experience crafting content strategy, Gretyl takes your content to the next level. She’s driven by a passion for bridging the gap between content strategies in all departments, being particularly drawn to the convergence of technical and marketing content. 

Gretyl studied journalism with a focus on multimedia production at UNC-Chapel Hill where she also learned programming. When she began an internship with Scriptorium, which required a combination of writing skill and programming experience, she discovered the world of content strategy. Now, she finds consulting to be an engaging and rewarding challenge.

At Scriptorium, Gretyl roots out the cause of your biggest pain points and finds the optimal solution for alleviating them, tailoring that solution to your current and future business goals. She establishes a working relationship built on transparency and trust so that you feel confident finding the support you need. As part of her role, she also:

  • Develops content models and information architecture to facilitate moving unstructured content into DITA XML
  • Designs DITA-based content systems and content strategies to support business goals 
  • Mitigates change resistance with continuous stakeholder involvement and customized training
  • Gives presentations on DITA, content strategy, and other industry topics for conferences, webcasts, and podcasts
  • Develops e-learning courses on DITA, being a driving force behind since its inception

Gretyl’s measure of success is complete when: 

  1. We’ve resolved the problem that led you to us (along with any others we uncover along the way)
  2. You’ve achieved, or taken major steps towards achieving, your main business goal
  3. Our project has positioned you for growth in the future

Outside of Scriptorium, Gretyl enjoys supporting local produce and chocolate vendors, music and cosplay, any and all Star Wars and Marvel films, spending time with her nephews, and spoiling her adorable hamster. You may not know that Gretyl is an avid figure skating fan and also loves attending shows and competitions. 

Gretyl holds a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism with minors in English and creative writing. She lives in Apex, North Carolina, in the United States.

Check out our media page to see presentations and webinars Gretyl has given, hear her perspective on our podcast, and read content Gretyl has authored on the Scriptorium site.

Reach out to Gretyl through our contact form.