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Headshot of Sarah O'Keefe: White woman with red hair and white shirt with teal blazer

Sarah O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, cuts through technology hype to envision pragmatic content solutions

Headshot of Sarah O'Keefe: White woman with red hair and white shirt with teal blazer

Sarah founded Scriptorium in 1997 to answer a simple question: “How can we use technology to improve content and publishing?” Driven by learning and exploration, she takes pride in providing a meaningful contribution to the world of customer-facing content and beyond. As a pioneer in the content industry, she’s authored several books, and is the driving force behind Scriptorium. 

When working with clients, Sarah’s goal is to guide the Scriptorium team’s extensive knowledge of publishing and publishing technologies in creating strategies that transform your content operations. She cultivates strong collaborative relationships between consultant and client where we learn from each other, creating solutions that neither of us could have discovered on our own. Her measure of success is when your content evolves from a costly obstacle into a goal-supporting asset. 

As a content industry leader, Sarah identifies trends, assesses new technologies, and recommends best practices for their successful application. Currently, this includes the exploration of knowledge graphs and implications of AI in your content operations. 

In addition to her leadership role, Sarah’s analysis is widely followed on Scriptorium’s blog, podcast, and other publications. As an experienced public speaker, she is in demand at conferences worldwide.

When she’s not busy making the content world a better place, you can find Sarah enjoying chocolate (immensely), playing video and board games, knitting, crocheting, cooking, solving word puzzles, or watching Duke play basketball.  

Sarah holds a BA from Duke University and is bilingual in English and German. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, in the United States. 

Check out the Scriptorium media page for events she’s participated in and view the content she’s authored on the Scriptorium site here.

Lastly, check out her insights on AI in content operations.

Reach out to Sarah through our contact form.