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ConVEx, 2024

Hosted by CIDM

Scriptorium sessions and resources

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AI panel: Should you or shouldn’t you?

Monday, April 8th at 10:00 am

Sarah O’Keefe will share insights on the pros and cons of AI alongside other industry experts Dawn Stevens, Val Swisher, and Rob Hanna.

Additional resources:

Content Strategy Nightmares: Cautionary tales

Monday, April 8th at 4:15 pm

Monday afternoon, Sarah and Dawn will share experiences of content strategy projects gone wrong, including what lessons you can learn to avoid these pitfalls.

Additional resources:

Replatforming an early DITA implementation

Tuesday, April 9th at 4:45 pm

In this talk, Bill Swallow (Scriptorium) and Emilie Herman (Financial Accounting Foundation) share lessons learned and advice for setting your DITA replatforming project up for success.

Additional resources:

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Introducing the Component Content Alliance

Wednesday, April 10th at 11:15 am

Bill Swallow and Joe Gelb (Zoomin) will be on a panel led by Marianne Calilhanna (DCL) to talk about a new and exciting resource for content professionals; the Component Content Alliance.

Additional resources:

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