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Author: Jake Campbell

Content strategy

QA in techcomm: you need a test bed

When I first started as a QA tech at a small game company, I was immediately thrown into the QA test bed. It was a place where we could test production-ready content without being interrupted by ongoing development or server restarts. Functionality was well-documented and could be used to test against our users’ bug reports.

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The friendly guide to the scope, format, and type attributes in DITA

In testing one day, I was running a set of sample content through the DITA-OT, and much to my consternation, the build was succeeding, but generating no content. The error log helped to ferret out the source of the problem; the preprocessor was attempting to extract a linktext and navtitle from an image file that could not be found.

The image in question was a keyref pulled in from a map referenced in the main map file. Everything validated, previews showed the images resolving correctly, yet the images steadfastly refused to be pulled in during preprocessing—so what was wrong?

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DITA 1.3 overview

Robert Anderson, one of the DITA architects, compared the transition from DITA 1.1 to DITA 1.2 to the difference between having a couple of drinks with friends and a huge party. The DITA 1.2 specification introduced broad changes in the form of new base elements, new architectural structures, and new specializations.

DITA 1.3 isn’t the rowdy gathering that DITA 1.2 was—it’s more a group of friends going out to the new pub downtown while being sure to get some designated drivers. This article describes the most important additions to DITA 1.3.

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