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Content needs categories: Adding taxonomy to structured content for an exceptional customer experience


Sarah O'Keefe and Chip Gettinger of RWS will present and discuss emerging trends, techniques, and technology for your digital information initiatives. During this webcast you will learn: How do you select and manage a good taxonomy? Classifying content – human, machine, or a combination? Coordinating taxonomy terms across various teams and languages Taking advantage of... Read more »

Boston DITA User’s Group monthly meeting


Are your content development processes manual, inconsistent, or unable to scale to meet larger demands? Gretyl Kinsey is presenting Expanding smart content across the enterprise during April's meeting. Get practical tips for expanding smart content operations across the enterprise, even in the face of challenges such as budget constraints, change resistance, company politics, and more. Join the... Read more »


Tempe Mission Palms Hotel 60 E 5th Street, Tempe, AZ, United States

Are you ready for Content as a Service? Join Sarah O’Keefe on Tuesday, May 3rd at 8:30 a.m. Mountain Time and explore what it means to make information available upon request with Content as a Service (CaaS). More customers are demanding personalized content, and your organization needs a plan to deliver it. But where do you... Read more »

Adobe DITA World 2022


Have questions about AEM and DITA? We’ve compiled some useful resources. How does content, particularly post-sales content, fit in the scheme of delivering exceptional digital experiences? Find out during a leadership panel discussion, Championing content in the digital transformation game, with Sarah O’Keefe, on Monday, May 10th at 9:10 a.m. Pacific Time. Sarah O’Keefe is also delivering the... Read more »

STC India


Sarah O'Keefe will present Content Strategy, Content Operations, & Content Design: What path equips you best for your future? on June 10th at 8:00 a.m. ET. Buy tickets.

LavaCon 2022

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel 739 Canal St., New Orleans, LA, United States

From the organizer: The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference is a gathering place where content professionals share best practices, network with peers, and build relationships.  For decades, we have been railing against content silos and trying to unify content across the enterprise. But our efforts at single sourcing, unified content teams, and enterprise content models are too... Read more »

tcworld 2022

ICS Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Join us at the largest technical communication conference in the world. Sarah O'Keefe presents on November 8 at 9:30 a.m. Stuttgart time (Central European time) on Aligning Industry 4.0 with technical communication through Content as a Service. Contact us to set up a private meeting during the event. Buy conference tickets.  

Let’s Talk Personalization: Personalization for B2B


From our sponsor, AvenueCX: For years, the B2C space has leveraged personalization to target audiences with relevant content. In the B2B space, businesses are only beginning to recognize the value personalization offers their customer engagement with the brand, revenue, and content experiences. But B2B personalization differs from B2C personalization. Good news: here’s your opportunity. Be ahead... Read more »


Understanding the Business Value of Content-as-a-Service


What’s CaaS, and how does it add value to your content? To find out, join Sarah O’Keefe for the free upcoming webinar, “Understanding the Business Value of Content-as-a-Service,” hosted by The Content Wrangler and Heretto. You’ll learn about this new approach to content delivery, and how to use CaaS to mitigate problems with organizational silos. Join... Read more »



Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore 2 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join Sarah O’Keefe for her talk “The Cost of (Content) Maturity” as she explores the possibilities of knowledge graphs and CMSs that support them, while paying close attention to the cost. Alan Pringle will be part of a panel unpacking the reality checks organizations have to consider before the CCMS selection process. From the organizer: ConVEx is an immersive experience... Read more »