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In this webcast, Simon Bate provides a “gentle introduction” to the DITA Open Toolkit (OT), the standard way to generate deliverables from DITA documents. This presentation shows how anyone can install the OT. A tour of the contents and how the plugin architecture works is included.

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Involved in TechComm all my working life (since the time of vacuum tubes, core memory, punch cards, and bone implements). I've worked as a writer, a manager, and—for the past score of years—building software tools for TechComm. My motto is "Let the computer do the work." Outside of work, I balance the calories I create and consume in the kitchen with weight-training sessions at the gym. I also sing Tenor in various choirs and choruses.

2 Comments on “Webcast: DITA OT essentials”

  1. A very good tour and useful information. Towards the latter half of the presentation, the audio is not in sync with the visual – the visual appears to be a good couple of minutes behind the audio. This makes it hard to follow the navigation into the directories and files when talking about implementing your own plug-in solutions. Truly noticeable any time after the 38-minute mark.

  2. I agree with Scott’s comment. Still, if you have the toolkit installed then it is a useful walk-through.

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