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November 2, 2015

New LearningDITA course: reference and glossaries

Thank you all for your great response to our free DITA courses at (over 500 registrants and counting)! Now that you’ve got your feet wet with the Introduction, concept topic type, and task topic type courses, are you ready for the next challenge?

Dave Young - originally posted to Flickr as surfer chicks

Dave Young – originally posted to Flickr as surfer chicks

Today we are releasing another course in our series: The DITA reference and glossary topic types.

This new class on introduces three additional topic types: reference, glossary entry, and glossary group. The course and supporting videos were created by a Scriptorium team led by Jake Campbell (with help from Gretyl Kinsey and me).

The course includes four lessons on:

  • Lesson 1: Creating a reference topic
  • Lesson 2: Best practices for reference topics
  • Lesson 3: Creating a glossary topic
  • Lesson 4: Best practices for glossary entries

With guided exercises and on-your-own work, this course should help round out your familiarity with the common DITA topic types.

As always, we welcome additional content through the GitHub repository. Take a look at the project roadmap and see where you can contribute! To get notifications about new content on the site, sign up for announcements. You can also sign up during the site registration process.

Special thanks to the Learning DITA sponsors: oXygen XML Editor, The Content Wrangler, and easyDITA.