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February 2, 2007

VC pitch template

This week, I attended the Southeast Venture conference, held at the new Umstead Hotel in Cary, North Carolina. The conference was only about two miles from our office and the opportunity to see this brand-new, five-star aspiring hotel was too good to pass up. (Hard to justify staying there when home is less than 20 minutes away…)

The conference included a series of 10-minute pitches from various companies looking for funding.

After seeing a couple dozen of these sessions, I have put together a helpful template for anyone looking to do a demo pitch.

First, be sure to use the following phrases:

  • “addressable market is over $X billion”
  • “unique value proposition”
  • “sustainable advantage”
  • “barriers to entry”
  • “strong intellectual property assets”

Then, you’ll need two charts. The first one shows revenue and looks like this:
Revenue from 0 today to $50 million at some future date
The second one shows profits and looks like this:
Profits currently zero, drop to negative, then increase to $50 million at some future date
So. Hockey stick and check mark. It’s all very simple.