Webcast: Collaboration: A hands-on demo using Confluence wiki

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In this video recording, guest presenter Sarah Maddox explains why collaboration is a good thing, why a wiki is a good solution for it, and how to do it on Confluence.

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3 Comments on “Webcast: Collaboration: A hands-on demo using Confluence wiki”

  1. I wasn’t able to catch this webinar live, so I’m grateful to you for posting the recording. Sarah did an excellent job and provided a peek into the future of our profession.

  2. Hallo Larry, Sarah and Holly

    Thank you so much for your nice words, Larry. I’m glad you were able to watch the recording! Thanks to the Scriptorium team for giving me the opportunity to present a webinar with them. It was fun and I learned a lot from the experience too. Putting together the material for a webinar makes you think about that material in a different way, and answering people’s questions at the end of the session provides yet another insight into it.

    Cheers, Sarah

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