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Author: ScriptoriumTech

Analysis Content strategy

DITA migration strategies

Migrating to DITA means more than just adding element tags. There are a few common holes in migration strategies that can prevent you from reaping all of the benefits of the converted DITA content. To avoid that mistake, make sure you have a plan in place for:

  • Identifying and migrating reused content
  • Managing links
  • Processing images

These should be important factors when migrating your content to DITA, and they will require new workflows and changes in the way you handle the relationships in your content.

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White papers

Flexible learning content with the DITA Learning and Training specialization

Executive summary

Learning content professionals spend a lot of time creating content for instructor guides, presentations, assessments, and other deliverables. To adapt that content for multiple contexts, these content developers often:

  • Copy and paste content from one part of a course to another
  • Develop multiple different delivery methods
  • Create and maintain multiple versions of similar content

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Podcast transcript

Full transcript of Content strategy step one podcast

Kaitlyn Heath:   Welcome to the Content Strategy Experts podcast, brought to you by Scriptorium. Since 1997, Scriptorium has helped companies manage, structure, organize, and distribute content in an efficient way. In episode 38, we focus on the beginning stages of adapting your content strategy. What are the first steps in analyzing the current methods, what are the primary issues, and what improvements need to be made?

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