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December 21, 2015

The best of 2015

Let’s wrap up 2015 with a look back at popular posts from the year.

Scriptorium wishes you the best for 2016!

Buyer’s guide to CCMS evaluation and selection (premium)

“What CCMS should we buy?”

It’s a common question with no easy answer. We provide a roadmap for evaluating and selecting a component content management system (registration required).

Localization, scalability, and consistency

A successful content strategy embraces consistency and plans for scaling up in the future—which in turn means localization is more efficient.

To see how consistent XML-based content can save your company time and money, check out our business case calculator.

The talent deficit in content strategy

Content strategy is taking hold across numerous organizations. Bad content is riskier and riskier because of the transparency and accountability in today’s social media–driven world.

But now, we have a new problem: a talent deficit in content strategy.

Tech comm skills: writing ability, technical aptitude, tool proficiency, and business sense

“Technical Writing is only about what software you know!”

This comment from a LinkedIn post has it partially right: technical writers should have expertise with authoring software. But to be successful, they need a balance of skills.

DITA 1.3 overview

Curious about the additions to DITA in the version 1.3 spec? Here’s a quick rundown on scoped keys, cross-deliverable linking, and more.

Structured authoring: breaking the WYSIWYG habit

It can be difficult to switch from desktop publishing to structured authoring—especially breaking out of desktop publishing’s WYSIWYG authoring mode.

You can shake your WYSIWYG habits with these tips.