The horror! More content strategy monsters!

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The ghoulish nasties I depicted two years ago in Content Strategy vs. The Undead continue to haunt content strategy implementations and information development projects.

They just… won’t… DIE!

However, they are not the only monsters that can terrorize your content strategy implementation.

If you are still plagued by zombies, vampires, and mummies, read our previous undead post to arm yourself appropriately. The horrors that follow take other approaches to defeat.

horror written on wall

Don’t let your content strategy implementation become a horror show!

The Blob is an amorphous extra-terrestrial creature that consumes everything in its path. In content strategy, the blob is an unexpected critical requirement that lands mid-implementation, consuming your project’s resources faster than you can allocate them. As in the classic movie, the only way to defeat this creature is to freeze it in its tracks until you have the means to properly wrangle it.

The Fly was created through the careless actions of an overzealous scientist. Despite having a brilliant plan and amazing technology, one small oversight was enough to turn his masterpiece into a horror show. When executing your content strategy, pay attention to all details to avoid any unwanted surprises. You may have the best of intentions with your implementation, but one careless mistake could derail your entire project.

The killer great white shark from Jaws is truly a thing of nightmares. Perhaps the most horrific element to this creature’s story is how realistic the situation seemed. Our takeaway from Jaws is to never downplay a hazardous situation while conducting business as usual. You may learn that your choice technology vendors have suddenly been purchased by a competitor, or perhaps your own company has been acquired in the middle of your implementation. When this level of uncertainty arises, pause all implementation activity and assess the situation (clear the beach and survey the waters). You must adjust your strategy and prepare yourself for new risks. At minimum you may need a bigger boat.

Have you encountered any hideous creatures in your work? Please share in the comments!

And, as a general rule, always avoid anything “abby-normal.”

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3 Comments on “The horror! More content strategy monsters!”

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