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November 2, 2020

Content strategy monster mashup

In a content strategy project, it’s important to be aware of the monsters lurking in the shadows and waiting to pounce on your project. Here are the gruesome details: 

Content strategy vs. the undead

Content strategy comes with scary challenges. The undead creatures in the content strategy world come in five classes. 

  1. Zombies: resistance to change and comfort in monotony.
  2. Vampires:  charismatic and feed off others for personal gain.
  3. Mummies: sleeping guardians that awaken when they perceive a threat to their charge.
  4. Frankenstein’s creature: a patched-together mess of a solution—extremely unwieldy without constant attention and care.
  5. Ghosts: the fears and regrets that haunt us.

The horror! More content strategy monsters!

Beware the content strategy monsters!

The ghoulish nasties from Content strategy vs. the undead continue to haunt our projects. But there are other monsters that can terrorize your content strategy. Watch out for some of the unexpected creatures—the blob, the fly, and the killer great white shark—that creep in and steal your project’s resources. 

Beware the monster of change management: THE MAGNIFIER 

Change management has a monster of its own: THE MAGNIFIER. The very act of process change can magnify existing problems in an organization.You must be prepared to fight the magnifier with the right weapons, like clear communication among all parties. 


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