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September 24, 2018

New LearningDITA course: The Learning and Training specialization

We are rolling out the newest LearningDITA course: The Learning and Training specialization. The specialization is for creators of instructional material, and this course explains how to use it.

The course introduces the main components of the Learning and Training (L&T) specialization and its use cases. The five lessons cover these topics:

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  • An overview of the L&T specialization
  • L&T topic types
  • Writing a learningContent topic
  • Elements for questions and responses
  • Organizing L&T topics into learning maps

The lessons describe the benefits of using the L&T specialization and teach how to write its topics, elements, and maps. Throughout the course you can follow along with samples and exercises for hands-on experience with the specialization.

The course also explains some best practices for organizing courses and writing assessments in DITA with the L&T specialization.

We appreciate feedback from users. If there are any other topics that you would like us to cover in a new course, then let us know, or add onto our GitHub project roadmap and repository.

Many of the previous LearningDITA courses are available in German at (thanks to parson AG) and in Chinese at (thanks to the Shanghai Association of Technical Writers).

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