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LearningDITA.com got a makeover! We rolled out an update to the learning management system to give you a better user experience when taking the free courses.

Here are some of the improvements:

Tracking of course progress

You can see your progress for each course you are taking. The top of the screen shows the percentage of the course you have completed and when you last logged in. 



Tracking of lesson progress

The new interface allows you to keep track of progress on individual lessons. See how many topics you have completed and the percentage of the lesson that is complete. Once you complete a topic, a green checkmark appears next to it, so it’s easier for you to see what you still need to do.




New breadcrumbs show where you are as you navigate through the lessons.



Improved assessment experience

LearningDITA quizzes now have a much cleaner look. You also have the option to review all of your answers at the end of the quiz instead of only after each question. 




We are excited about these changes. Thank you to our sponsors for making LearningDITA possible. If you have an account, check out the changes for yourself. If you don’t, you can sign up for free


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