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October 31, 2022

Content creature feature

You don’t need a scary movie or a haunted house to see ghoulish creatures—sometimes, they are lurking in your content processes. Learn how to fend off these monsters in posts from the Scriptorium crypt.

The undead

Expect to encounter five types of undead creatures in your content strategy:

  1. Zombies—resist change and find comfort in monotony.
  2. Vampires—feed off others for personal gain.
  3. Mummies—awaken when they perceive a threat to their charge.
  4. Frankenstein’s creature—behaves unpredictably without constant attention and care.
  5. Ghosts—represent fears and regrets.

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The Magnifier

Change management has a horrific monster, The Magnifier! Process change can magnify existing problems in your organization. Challenge The Magnifier with the right weapons, such as clear business goals and strong communication.

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A monster squad

There are other monsters that can terrorize your content strategy. Steel yourself against the creatures ready to destroy your content processes—the Blob, the Fly, and a killer great white shark.

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Who you gonna call to fight off these monsters? Scriptorium!