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content strategy for technical communication

Managing technical communicators in an XML environment

Looking for some light bedtime reading? Our resources section offers white papers, webcasts, a style guide, and more.

  • Tools. In the tool section, you’ll find webcasts with information about specific software, including XMetaL, FrameMaker, DITA-FMx, oXygen, Flare, and FOP.
  • XML and DITA. We devoted an entire section to white papers and webcasts on XML and DITA because we have so many of them. Here, you’ll find a webcast on specialization, discussions of how to customize PDF output from the DITA Open Toolkit, and more.
  • Online style guide. Our style guide provides a concise list of recommendations for technical docmentation.
  • FrameMaker wiki. The wiki offers contains free tutorials for FrameMaker. We encourage you to use them and make updates as appropriate.