So pleased to be here!

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I’m pleased to introduce myself as the newest Scriptorium team member. I’m so excited to work in such a productive environment and join the efforts to help clients get the most out of their content. 

Scriptorium 20th anniversary

Sarah O'Keefe / News4 Comments

Framed copy of STC article, From Hardcopy to Hypertext, November 1998

This post is part of Scriptorium’s 20th anniversary celebration. I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to write a recap of Scriptorium from 1997 to today. It feels as though the company has been around forever, but also as though 20 years went by in a flash.

The best of 2016

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hand with 2016 numbers resting on it

As the new year begins, the Scriptorium team is looking back at our blog posts for 2016. We wish you the best in 2017—and watch for merriment during the year as we celebrate our 20th anniversary.

20th anniversary and web site updates

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New logo with stylized owl

Our web site was starting to look a little haggard, so we finally decided to have some work done. Of course, our own content assets and content strategy always take a backseat to client work, so it took roughly forever to make this a priority.