About Us

Scriptorium offers content strategy consulting services and coaching to help customers solve business problems and achieve strategic goals. We know this stuff. And there’s a lot of stuff to know.

We work in close collaboration with our customers, often under difficult, stressful circumstances. (Nobody ever calls us when things are going well.) That’s why trust is critical. Our consultants and your employees work together to build teams that span the customer-consultant divide.

Scriptorium is a privately held, woman-owned business based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and has been in business since 1997.

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to learn more about you. Connect with us on social media, or contact any of us directly. You can also reach us via our contact page.

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Our team includes:

The Backstory

Scriptorium: “A place for writing”, is commonly used to refer to a room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the writing, copying and illuminating of manuscripts by monastic scribes.

A scriptorium was a place where monks painstakingly copied manuscripts, using the best technology available to them at the time–quill pens, gold leaf, rare pigments, and candlelight. A single copy of a manuscript could take years to complete. Our scriptorium uses the latest technology to disseminate information around the world instantly.

When we launched our company in 1997, we understood what we did best. And that was help to create and manage content. Of course in 1997, not all content was digital. As a result, much of what we did was not unlike what the monks did in the Dark Ages. Naming our company Scriptorium felt right.

Here we are twenty years later, and we’re still providing content strategy services. Only, we’re doing it during a time when more content is being created and published than ever before.

Sure, the tools have changed since the sixth century when a book was a rare and exotic idea, but in essence our role in the digital age is not that dissimilar to the monks in the Dark Ages. And it still requires a special level of passion and dedication to do it right.

A lot has changed since we launched our company twenty years ago. Including our logo. Here’s a visual history of where we’ve been to get to where we are now. We can’t wait to see what the next twenty years brings.