Adobe Photoshop Express

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by Sheila Loring Photoshop Express is a photo editing and sharing web-based application. You can store up to 2GB of photos for free. Accounts are available for $19.99 (20GB), $39.99 (40GB) or $99.99 (100GB) per year. You can either upload photos or log in to … Read More

Surveying the landscape

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Surveys are on my mind this week. The HAT Matrix (Char James-Tanny) recently conducted a survey on help authoring tools. The raw results are available at their blog, the Mad Hatter. On the HATT list, a debate immediately erupted over whether the survey was skewed … Read More

Tout de Suite…too many suites?

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You may have missed Madcap’s recent announcements of their sundry product upgrades somehow. Perhaps you were on a deep-sea expedition or out in the desert? I fully expect, though, that you would have received an announcement from Madcap via SMS on your satellite phone. But … Read More

Pass the popcorn…

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There’s a very polite undeclared blog war going on. Adobe fired the latest opening salvo in a post entitled Welcome Back: One of the biggest requests that we heard from a small community was a migration path back from Flare to RoboHelp. This community includes … Read More