Webcast: Pros and cons of the DITA Open Toolkit

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In this webcast recording, Simon Bate discusses the pros and cons of using the DITA Open Toolkit. Topics include localization, automation, open standards, and plugin architecture on the pro side; plugin architecture, PDF configuration, open standards, and documentation on the con side.

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Simon Bate


Involved in TechComm all my working life (since the time of vacuum tubes, core memory, punch cards, and bone implements). I've worked as a writer, a manager, and—for the past score of years—building software tools for TechComm. My motto is "Let the computer do the work." Outside of work, I balance the calories I create and consume in the kitchen with weight-training sessions at the gym. I also sing Tenor in various choirs and choruses.

One Comment on “Webcast: Pros and cons of the DITA Open Toolkit”

  1. Hi, Simon! Nice webcast. Now that I’ve listened to this, I’m wondering if you’d have any addendum for version 2.x? Lots of releases since 2013

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