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October 16, 2017

Content strategy: you’re doing it wrong

This post is part of Scriptorium’s 20th anniversary celebration.

You know you’re doing content strategy wrong when…

  • You focus on tools and not business requirements:

    “My team is looking into how we can use <incumbent tool> to handle our new content requirements.”

    That’s what I heard from a manager during a recent phone call about a company’s expanding content needs. The tools-focused response made me cringe.

    Picking or buying a tool is not a content strategy.

  • pug with unhappy face

    Polly the Pug does not approve of your approach to content strategy

    Change management is not part of your strategy:

    [An individual’s] very identity is wrapped up into how things have been done.

    Constant communication throughout every phase of your project—planning, implementation, and maintenance—is just as important as picking tools that support your business goals.

  • You don’t get input and commitments from other departments, particularly the IT group:

    Play nicely with your IT group, but you also need to ask tough questions and get commitments. Otherwise, IT problems can derail your content strategy.

Have you seen other signs of content strategy gone wrong? Leave them in the comments.