Webcast: DITA 101

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In this webcast recording, Sarah O’Keefe gives an overview of DITA, one of the major structured authoring standards in tech comm. You’ll also learn about DITA concepts, the business case for DITA, and typical scenarios where DITA is used.

DITA 101

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Sarah O'Keefe


Content strategy consultant and founder of Scriptorium Publishing. Bilingual English-German, voracious reader, water sports, knitting, and college basketball (go Blue Devils!). Aversions to raw tomatoes, eggplant, and checked baggage.

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  1. Sarah, thank you SO much for doing this webinar. As a novice DITA user, I found all of the content relevant, and I’m anxious to dive deeper into implementing DITA. Your presentation was excellently organized, fluent, interest-maintaining, and nicely punctuated with humor. I’ve had a professional appreciation of you for many years, and I congratulate you on always being on the cutting edge.

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