Webcast: The state of the tech comm industry

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In this webcast recording, Sarah O’Keefe, Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler), Race Bannon (Oracle), and Paul Perrotta (Juniper Networks) discuss the state of the technical communication industry.

Scott shares the results of his benchmark survey. Scott, Race, and Paul then provide insights on tech comm industry trends, challenges, and innovations, based on the survey results along with their real-world experiences.

Scott’s benchmarking survey, which we discussed during the webcast, is also available on slideshare:

A captioned version of the webcast recording is also available on YouTube.

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10 Comments on “Webcast: The state of the tech comm industry”

    1. I can’t seem to locate it either. I tried using IE and Firefox from an HP system running Windows 7. I can’t find a link anywhere. I clicked the link in the message and in this comment thread, but nothing works.

      1. The webcast and the survey are embedded on this page and you should be able to see them. If nothing is working, I’m going to guess that your system has Flash and/or all plugins disabled. Could that be the problem?

  1. I was part of live webcast and I loved the conversation on challenges ahead, and the comments on future proofing the tech comm career. For User-Generated Content, I had a detailed conversation with Scott at Bangalore TC World Conference, and his thoughts as expected, are always insightful.

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  3. Hey, I attended this webinar but didn’t see the email with the link (but I obviously found this page). And am waiting on the PDF that Scott promised for the survey …? thanks!

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