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December 18, 2017

Best of 2017: content strategy, localization, DITA, and more

Scriptorium wraps up 2017 with a look back at posts on content strategy, localization, DITA, and other content conundrums.

Is your content craptacular?

We’ve updated the top 10 signs your content is craptacular. Did we miss any of the tell-tale signs?

man jumping between 2017 and 2018


Localization strategy

Not taking a strategic approach to global content alienates your target markets and diminishes your brand reputation. Develop a localization strategy.

Is PDF dead?

Do we need to write the obituary for PDF? Read our take on the death of PDF, and listen to our podcast on its demise.

DITA for learning and training content

With DITA, educators and training professionals can remix and reuse content modules to create training materials, e-learning content, and more. Get an overview of how DITA supports learning and training.

And speaking of DITA and learning, let’s take a quick look forward to 2018…

Attend our free online DITA conference

Dive into DITA during our first free DITA conference: LearningDITA Live 2018.register for LearningDITA Live 2018

This web event runs February 26–March 1, 2018, and features beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions—along with case studies to show you real-world DITA implementations.

Session topics include:

  • A DITA overview
  • Aligning tech comm best practices with DITA
  • Localization strategy for DITA
  • DITA and Agile development
  • Managing DITA projects in the real world
  • How DITA improved cancer diagnostics (case study)
  • Publishing DITA content via InDesign
  • And much, much more

Just like the LearningDITA courses, LearningDITA Live is free.

Register today.