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January 2, 2018

New Year’s resolutions, content strategy edition

Happy New Year!

It’s time for some resolutions.

Lose weight

Most of us are carrying extra content weight. This includes:

  • Time-consuming processes that clog up delivery and don’t improve results.
  • Dead-weight content: information that is redundant or could be more concise.

Make it your goal in 2018 to slim down content and workflow.

Exercise more and improve your flexibility

Content needs to be compatible with delivery in many different formats, especially mobile devices.

So, in 2018, resolve to make content more flexible.

Learn a new skill

This one is for you rather than your content. Resolve to stay on top of industry developments. Think about new opportunities for your content and your career.

Stop smoking and other bad habits

Bad habits are killing your content:

  • Focusing on the wrong kind of content because it’s fun to write (see: this post)
  • Working in a vacuum
  • Using the wrong tools

Resolve to play nicely with your colleagues, give and receive help graciously, and take a hard look at whether your content tools are right for your content requirements.

Improve your finances

A basic understanding of corporate finance will greatly improve your (professional) life. Check out this podcast on finance in technical communication with special guest Erin Vang.

Erin also has an excellent presentation on this matter called Show Me the Money (PDF link).

Use this and other resources to learn about budgets and corporate finance.

What are your resolutions for content?