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August 20, 2018

Get that content strategy funding: show them the money

When you ask management to fund your content strategy initiative, you need to show them the money.

But how am I supposed to do that?, you may be thinking.

An exchange Sarah O’Keefe and I had in episode 34 of the Content Strategy Experts podcast clarifies what I mean:

Sarah: At some point, you need…an investment from management. You need them to say, “Yes, this is a priority, and yes, we need to do it.” So, how do you do that? I mean, what are some of the techniques for getting past that inertia that, “This is not a high priority, we can do this next year, we have other projects.” How do you get past that sort of initial obstacle?

Alan: Well, content creators are always talking about knowing their audience when it comes to the actual content itself. Unfortunately, they don’t always apply it to their communication with their coworkers and leadership of their company. When you want to talk about why a content process is not working to an executive, they have likely zero interest in talking about tool specifics, why I need this system or that. Give them some metrics, give them some information on return on investment. If we implement this, this is how much more quickly we’re going to get this product into this particular international market. If we make this change here, we are going to lop off 20 to 25% off of the time it takes to get out the content for this particular product, or this service.

international money

Show them the money!

Here are some suggestions for developing those ROI numbers that are crucial to securing funding:

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