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March 4, 2019

That’s a wrap on LearningDITA Live 2019!

Thank you to all of those who attended and participated in LearningDITA Live 2019! Because of you, the conference was a success. If you missed any of the sessions, watch the recordings in this playlist on our YouTube channel!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this event possible: Adobe, oXygen, CIDM, easyDITA, Ovitas, Bluestream, and LavaCon.

If you attended LearningDITA Live 2019, we’d love to know what you thought. We are sending out a conference evaluation to everyone who registered, so be on the lookout for that. The following sessions were offered:

  • Introduction to DITA with Gretyl Kinsey
  • Is DITA right for me? with John Baker
  • Getting started with DITA: A case study with ACS technologies with Gretyl Kinsey and Barbara Green
  • Branding 101: Developing brand identity in DITA with Stanley Doherty
  • DITA project best practices with Radu Coravu
  • Seven DITA words you can’t say to executives with Sarah O’Keefe and Bill Swallow
  • Making your DITA content play nicely with your CMS with Larry Kunz
  • DITA: Smart content for guided troubleshooting with Charlie Andrews
  • Empowering business users with online collaboration for DITA with Chad Dybdahl
  • DITA metadata best practices with Sabine Ocker
  • Burning it all down with QA with Jake Campbell
  • Learning Lightweight DITA Live with Dr. Carlos Evia, Alan Houser, and Mark Giffin
  • DITA versus CMS with Ulrike Parson
  • Training for AI using DITA files with Vishal Palliyathu
  • Let’s make NEW mistakes! with Amber Swope
  • Q&A with the Scriptorium team

If you would like some additional DITA training, visit our site, You can sign up for our free online courses, and learn DITA at your own pace.

If you have any questions about the event, or the LearningDITA in general, please contact us at [email protected].