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December 12, 2022

The best of 2022

How on earth is it already December?

My brain is unable to process how fast this year has gone by—yet we have a whole year’s worth of content on our blog for 2022. Here’s a roundup of posts and podcasts on content strategy and content operations.

Podcast series: content operations stakeholders

Before you start a content ops project, be sure you know the key players, how they like to communicate, and what their roles are. The Content Strategy Experts podcast breaks down the many stakeholders on content ops projects.

Get advice on working with stakeholders to ensure success.

Replatforming structured content

We have customers with existing structured content—custom XML, DocBook, and DITA—who need to move their content operations from their existing CCMS to a new system. Most often, the organization’s needs have changed, and the current platform is no longer a good fit.

Read about the considerations for replatforming content.

And then listen to our podcast about the addressing the challenges of replatforming projects.

Personalized content: steps to success

More customers are demanding personalized content, and your organization needs a plan to deliver it. But where do you start? How do you assess where personalization should fit into your content lifecycle? How do you coordinate your efforts to ensure that personalization is consistent across the enterprise?

Learn about the steps for a successful personalization strategy.

Demystifying content modeling

Content modeling may be the least understood part of structured content—which is saying something. Content modeling is the process of mapping your information’s implicit organization onto an explicit definition.

In an unstructured document, the document formatting tells us the meaning of a particular piece of content. How do you take those formatting cues and map them to semantic tags?

Podcast: the challenges of structured learning content

We’ve seen a trend where learning content and structure are viewed as mortal enemies; there is resistance to using structured content for learning and training materials.

Dig into the challenges of applying structure to learning content.

Getting writers excited about DITA

We’ve had the pleasure of implementing DITA in many companies both large and small. Unfortunately, writers almost always have some trepidation about the move. At the same time, there’s a lot for writers to get excited about!

How can you encourage a positive outlook about the change?

Contact us to streamline your content ops in 2023!