Counterfactual ExtendScript history

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In the late ’50s, my mom worked for the library at a large Canadian university. One day the library received an official letter from the U.S.S.R. asking the library to please return the Soviet Union’s encyclopedia for “revisions.”

Stairway to Həll

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We’ve been in our “new” offices in Durham for about a year now.  Overall, I’m quite happy to be here, nice building, good restaurants for lunch, lock on the door to keep sales people out…all those things.

Webcast: DITA OT essentials

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In this webcast, Simon Bate provides a “gentle introduction” to the DITA Open Toolkit (OT), the standard way to generate deliverables from DITA documents. This presentation shows how anyone can install the OT. A tour of the contents and how the plugin architecture works is … Read More