Early ExtendScript Experiences

Simon Bate / Reviews, Tools

ExtendScript allows automation of most FrameMaker tasks and, through the ExtendScript Toolkit, allows scripts to use other ExtendScript or ActionScript objects. If our clients were going to be asking for tools that use ExtendScript, I thought I’d take a look at it.

Let the conversation begin

Sarah O'Keefe / Reviews

Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation (XML Press, ISBN: 9780982219119) by Anne Gentle provides technical communicators with a roadmap for integrating social media — blogs, wikis, and much more — into their content development efforts. This is critical because, as Anne notes in … Read More

Flare 5 DITA feature review, part 2

Sarah O'Keefe / Reviews

[Alan Pringle wrote most of this review.] This post is Part 2 of our Flare 5 DITA feature review. Part 1 provides an overview and discusses localization and map files. Cross-references and other linksI imported DITA content that contained three xref elements (I shortened the … Read More

Top five reasons to like XMetal and OXygen

ScriptoriumTech / Reviews

by Sheila Loring Full disclosure: We’re an XMetaL Services Provider and have no particular affiliation with oXygen.I’m in the fortunate situation of having access to both XMetaL 5.5 and oXygen 9.3. Both are excellent XML editors for different reasons. I’d hate for Scriptorium to make … Read More

Adobe Photoshop Express

ScriptoriumTech / Reviews

by Sheila Loring Photoshop Express is a photo editing and sharing web-based application. You can store up to 2GB of photos for free. Accounts are available for $19.99 (20GB), $39.99 (40GB) or $99.99 (100GB) per year. You can either upload photos or log in to … Read More

Review of screen capture programs

ScriptoriumTech / Reviews

by Sheila Loring Matthew Ellison reviews seven screen capture programs: FullShot, HyperSnap, SnagIt, Madcap Capture, RoboScreen Capture, ScreenHunter (free), and TNT. He also points out what to look for in a screen capture tool and compares features in a handy table. http://www.writersua.com/articles/capturetools/index.html SnagIt lands at … Read More