Webcast: The State of Structure, 2011

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In this webcast, Sarah O’Keefe discusses the results of Scriptorium’s 2011 survey on structured authoring. Topics include adoption rates, tools, implementation costs, lessons learned, and much more.

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6 Comments on “Webcast: The State of Structure, 2011”

  1. Very interesting as you don’t shy away from the difficulties of adopting structure. On a positive note, I think the ‘guided writing’ aspect provided by structure is important, especially in teams and for less experienced writers — probably falls into the ‘consistency’ category.

  2. Thanks for (another) very interesting and helpful webcast. We’ve just kicked off our project to move towards structured authoring, so this comes at the right time. I’ve found the mistakes and surprises especially instructive.

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  4. A precious information resource – thanks Sara! If possible, or available somewhere, I would really like to see information on which companies are using DITA and how.

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