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March 23, 2020

Use cases for content reuse

Looking for ways to save your company time and money? Content reuse allows you to write content once and use it again in multiple places. Do these use cases for reuse apply to your content? 

You deliver core content to every customer. 

You may need to deliver personalized content to your customers, such as feature-specific information for the product or service the customer purchased. However, you also have core content that applies across the entire product line, which should be included in the information for all customers. Copying and pasting the core content into personalized information wastes time and results in the same information being stored in different documents across many locations. Content reuse allows you to store the core content in one location and use it whenever you need it. 

You need safety information in all of your content.

Your industry may have regulations. This could mean that you have to include safety information, such as cautions or warnings, in all of your content. Copying and pasting information can be a messy process and puts your company at a greater risk for delivering inaccurate information. Reusing safety information reduces the risk of making a regulatory mistake that could result in legal action against your company.  

You need consistency in your product specifications. 

You share product specifications with customers and your staff in multiple types of content. For example, most companies have support staff content, product instructions for customers, and marketing content that all require consistent product specifications and information. If you have multiple people writing content and you aren’t practicing content reuse, you will likely end up with different variations of product specifications. This could result in errors in the content and negatively impact your company brand. 

If these use cases ring true for you, contact us to find out how you can implement better reuse. We would love to work with you.