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Do you have efficient content ops?

Content operations (content ops or ContentOps) is the engine that drives your content lifecycle. You need the right workflows in place to ensure your engine is running efficiently. Here are some resources to help you get started: 

Scriptorium’s Content Ops Manifesto

Do you have error-prone, manual processes causing friction in your content lifecycle? Friction is expensive and inefficient. Learn more in the Content Ops Manifesto.

The rise of content ops (podcast)

Rahel Bailie chats with Sarah O’Keefe about the rise of content ops. They talk about what drives an organization to content ops and why the market has changed. 

We are breaking all the rules. We don’t have the quality. We are not checking accuracy. We don’t have time. And now we’re saying, ‘okay, well, we have to get more efficient than this. This copy and paste stuff has got to go.’”

– Rahel Bailie

Content operations (content ops)

The goal in building content operations is to set up a working model that is compatible with the organization’s business needs, such as scalability and risk mitigation. Find out what factors make an investment in content operations compelling. 

Exit strategy for your content operations (podcast)

Alan Pringle and Sarah O’Keefe talk about why an exit strategy is an important part of your content operations planning. 

“You need to be thinking about the what-ifs 5 or 10 years down the road while you’re picking the tool. Are we going to have flexibility with this tool? Is it going to be able to help us support things we may not even be thinking about or may not even exist right now?”

– Alan Pringle

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