Error message melodrama

Alan Pringle / Opinion2 Comments

The Shanghai Tech Writer blog has posted a screen capture of a rather ominous error message in FrameMaker: The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must reinstall or call customer support. I have never been the unfortunate recipient of that particular message in the many … Read More

More cowbell!

Sarah O'Keefe / Humor, Opinion5 Comments

About a year ago, we added Google Analytics to our web site. I have done some research to see what posts were the most popular in the past year: The clear winner was our FrameMaker 9 review. With 21 comments, I think it was also … Read More

WMF…that’ll shut ’em up

Sarah O'Keefe / ToolsLeave a Comment

Which graphics formats should you use in your documentation? For print, the traditional advice is EPS for line drawings and TIFF for screen captures and photographs. That’s still good advice. These days, you might choose PDF and PNG for the same purposes. There are caveats … Read More

Know your audience, political edition

Sarah O'Keefe / Humor3 Comments

Dear Sarah Palin, Your campaign schedule looks brutal. And since you’re not flying commercial carriers, you don’t even get frequent flyer miles. It’s truly tragic. Thank you for your personal letter. I have a few tips for you from the technical communication industry that should … Read More

A Day in the Life….

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by Sheila Loring Here’s an inside peek at a day in the life of a Scriptorium employee: But wait, there’s more…a t-shirt! Ladies, check out the regular expression skirt, too. The code is printed upside down for easy reading while sitting.