Orthodoxy versus nuance

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion2 Comments

Simple answers are appealing and are easy to remember. [Refrain from gratuitous political joke here, mostly.] But the real world is full of complex issues that are not easily reduced to soundbites. This also applies to technical communication and XML adoption.

Angst and authority

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Clay Shirky has a fascinating post on the concept of algorithmic authority; the idea that large systems, such as Google PageRank or Wikipedia have authority (that is, credibility) because of the way that the system works. In other words, a page that is returned first in … Read More

Helpful flowchart for XML implementation

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For a recent presentation entitled “Is XML Right for You?” I built a handy flowchart to help you with the decision-making process. Unfortunately, it’s sort of hard to fit within this blog. Here are two potentially more legible versions: XML flowchart, 800×600, GIF (opens in … Read More