Angst and authority

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion5 Comments

Clay Shirky has a fascinating post on the concept of algorithmic authority; the idea that large systems, such as Google PageRank or Wikipedia have authority (that is, credibility) because of the way that the system works. In other words, a page that is returned first in … Read More

Error message melodrama

Alan Pringle / Opinion2 Comments

The Shanghai Tech Writer blog has posted a screen capture of a rather ominous error message in FrameMaker: The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must reinstall or call customer support. I have never been the unfortunate recipient of that particular message in the many … Read More

Murder by metaphor

Alan Pringle / Humor2 Comments

The Shanghai Tech Writer blog has a hilarious list of awful metaphors written by high school students. These gems include: Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides gently compressed by a Thigh Master. Long separated by cruel fate, … Read More

Crosswords for technical writers

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If you’re looking to tease your brain during this holiday week, consider doing a crossword puzzle with a technical writing theme at the Crosswords blog. Never thought I’d see a puzzle with the clue “a family of transformational languages used to describe how to format … Read More

On the Unspoken Rule

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by Sheila Loring Ben Minson at Gryphon Mountain Journals published an entry on the unspoken rule — technical writers who don’t read documentation. Admit it, you’ve been guilty from time to time. For me, learning to use a product on my own is an enjoyable … Read More

We’ve been localised

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Over the years, I have worked on manuals that were translated, and I have helped clients with their localization processes. Despite those experiences, I’ve never been part of a project in which US English was localized (well, localised) into UK English–until now. Cherryleaf has adapted … Read More