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December 20, 2021

The best of 2021

Let’s take a look at some of our highlights from the year, including posts and podcasts on content operations (content ops) and personalization. 

Scriptorium’s Content Ops Manifesto 

Content Operations is the engine that drives your content lifecycle. 

Scriptorium’s Content Ops Manifesto describes the four basic principles of content ops:

  1. Semantic content is the foundation.
  2. Friction is expensive.
  3. Emphasize availability.
  4. Plan for change.

Personalization in marcom and techcomm

Personalization—the delivery of custom, curated information tailored to an individual user’s needs—is becoming an important part of content strategies. Personalization strategies in marcom and techcomm groups are often different, and this gap makes for challenges in your enterprise content strategy. Read about how your marcom and techcomm teams can work together.

Exit strategy for your content operations (podcast) 

Do you have an exit strategy as part of your content operations? It’s an important risk mitigation strategy.

“You need to be thinking about the what-ifs 5 or 10 years down the road while you’re picking the tool. Are we going to have flexibility with this tool? Is it going to be able to help us support things we may not even be thinking about or may not even exist right now?”

Listen to the podcast for real-world examples.

The content lifecycle: archiving 

Your archiving approach is an important (and often overlooked) part of your content strategy. Implementing a plan for archiving content has long-term benefits such as legal compliance and providing updated search results.

Smarter content in weird places (webcast)

Technical publications groups have relied on smart content to produce user guides, online help, web content, and other technical publications. But we’re now seeing many other groups adopting smart content and pushing content out in creative ways. Watch the webcast to see how other departments are now adopting smart content.


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